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Thread: New Update SLOWS down page changes

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    I do have over 200 fonts. I read a post that said that can cause performance issues, but it can't be avoided unless I want to run two workstations! I fail to see why this should be a problem.
    I have over 900. Similar computer specs (athough my 1TB storage is in a RAID 0/1 configuration. But I have less RAM). Don't have any problems with NoF or any other program.

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    Default Re: New Update SLOWS down page changes

    On 17/02/2012 02:07, Allison Moore wrote:
    >> I too have this problem with a site that was created in an older
    >> version... I have reoptimized,
    >> cleaned unused assets, exported to a template, and every other trick I
    >> have found on this forum, and it absolutely crawls when switching pages
    >> and generating pages for publishing. Also, if editing the CSS manually
    >> in Style view, it corrupts the style about 75% of time.

    > NOF12 is very close to being unusable for me. I've also done all the
    > tricks, and the speed isn't getting any better. For me, it's not
    > switching pages or publishing. It's the speed of text editing, which is
    > beyond awful. And links that are broken for no discernible reason.
    > Tonight, it's taken nearly 2 hours to perform very minor updates on half
    > a dozen pages, fix 2 broken links to a MasterBorder graphic that's been
    > in place since I started this site in 2007, and update text in a
    > 3-column table with 18 rows.

    Same experience here. In my experience, NOF doesn't work well with
    tables, and simple edits on larger sites (100 small pages or so) either
    failed (program crashed & trashed the NOD file) or took forever.

    I don't use it any more.....


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    Default Same Issue

    I'm a newbie and chose NOF 12 because it looked user friendly...

    I'm having crashing issues and I'm going to try what you suggested about cleaning up the assets and saving as a template.

    I'm also going through and making sure I have cleaned up any copy/paste from MS Word - which I didn't realize was a no-no in the beginning.

    It takes the site at least 25 minutes to preview, and at least 5 minutes per page when I'm previewing individual pages...

    Anything else that should be done to help NOF12 run faster?

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    you can copy/paste from word all day long as long as you paste special, unformatted text, I have set this as my paste default in NOF

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