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Thread: host server compatibility ?

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    Default host server compatibility ?

    Navigation problem experienced with a site developed under NOF 7 and I am now using NOF 12.
    Note that the webhosting service has also migrated to a new the same time....
    Problem : two pages of the same hierarchical level were created using the same "page name" , the only difference being Caps on the first letter versus "lower-case" for the first letter.
    It appears that the "old server" made the difference but the "new server" gets confused !
    What can be done to differentiete these 2 pages ( they are persons first name difficult to change). Is there any "invisible sign" that can be used to differentiate the two pages ?
    On both pages "use page name in alt-tag is ticked".
    Would entering a new alt-tag on one of the page solve my problem ?
    Simply on this precise page in "page creation mode" ?
    Thank you.

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    You can make one with a dash and one with an underline. Example bob-smith.html and bob_smith.html This will give you 2 separate pages that won't get confused.
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