While I was closing a site after making changes earlier today, my system locked up when the Fusion file was at 99% finished. After restarting the computer I re-opened Fusion 12 and tried to open the site I had been working on and got the normal "File Instability" warning message. After clicking Ok so Fusion could recover the file I got a message telling me "Could not open C:\Users\Home\Documents\Websites\A1\A1.nod." and the file will not open. I have searched for a back-up of the site in the location where the backups are supposed to be stored, but found that none had been created for this or any of the other sites I have been managing with Fusion.
Is there are way to recover the NOD file so I can reopen the site, or do I have to rebuild the site from scratch (about 70 pages at the current time - with none of it backed up it seems)? Any assistance you can give will be greatly appreciated since I do not relish doing all of this over again. I am using NOF12 on Windows 7 in case that helps anyone