I have been collecting tips so kindly posted here while getting ready to
upgrade, and finally am ready - but I don't know what notes I have may
be out of date. I will outline what I have, and would greatly appreciate
it if someone could help me do this right --

1. I have NOF7, Goldmine 7, and various sites on an XPpro SP3 - all
working fine.

2. I have NOF 8 disk and NOF8 upgrade file (July 2006) - but have not
installed either. I also have an NOF 11 disk - and have not installed it.

3. I have NOF 12 and update #1 installed on a new Win7 64 - no other NOF
on it.

4. I have the GoldMine 9 installation file

Now, am I correct in thinking I need to install NOF 8 (perhaps on the
old computer) and then install GM9 there - then copy that folder over to
my new computer in the NOF12 component folder? Or am I misreading my old

(Note: I do NOT want to transfer sites - I always save to template so
understand how to do that, but because of the vast change in versions
and age of the sites, figure it will make more sense to leave them in
NOF7 until I can replace them with totally updated editions.)

(Or, a new thought to me -- with NOF12 will I not have much need for the
Goldmine components at all -- I use some in the old sites, but not a lot
of them.)

Thank you in advance for your comments and suggestions - I just want to
get everything installed properly before I get started with these
revisions. I've been lucky so far with my sites - which are not too
complicate, but also because of following the advice posted here.