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Thread: Two background images?

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    Default Two background images?

    Is it possible to have 2 background images on a site? I have a design concept that would need a solid background color plus a gradient background image that would repeat horizontally across the top and, finally, a static background image at the top that would extend out a little to the left of the centered page design (behind the header). I know, it sounds gaudy written out like this, but the design is actually very attractive. So, is this just wishful thinking or could it be a possibility?
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    Not sure I follow entirely, but you can have a background image and background colour. I do that all the time where I have a gradient across the top that transitiions into the background colour.

    You could then create a layout region that would hold the background image and/or colour at the top. Alternatively, you can do the trick where you wrap table tags around your entire site, then you could have background image/colour for the table. BTW, using this (what I call the "table trick") allows you to create a border around the entire page.

    Play around a bit. I think it can be done.
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    Do you have a mock up of what you want to end up with (a graphic showing the page design/layout)?
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    Thanks! I actually do have a bit of a mockup and I'm pretty sure it will require 2 background images plus a color. I have Googled "two background images" and it appears it can be done; however, I can't reconcile how to do it in NOF. There is a teal background, a beige gradient at the top that would need to repeat horizontally, and then an image on top of everything. I've also marked out the areas that I'd like to use as Master Borders.

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