I have spent all today working on Mouse over actions from rolling over pictures.
Simply implementing a gallery where the user mouse-over a thumbnail and will see a larger picture in a different area
I try two ways to implement this:
1. Using Show/Hide ( and have all pictures hidden to begin with)
2. Using Bring to top ( and have all pictures visible to begin with)

I get two problems:
1. It works okay on Firefox, IE, and Safari but no on Chrome
example here: http://slpromocap.com/html/greentech-bad.html

2. After some changes to the Actions, the code generated by NOF is wrong ! it is not generating the correct statements. It uses the 'self' picture for the thumbnail instead of the target picture.
I check the action, it is correctly named Target, but still it generates this:

<a href="../TopFeatures-HR.jpg" onclick="return(F_e('Picture223', F_CL))" onmouseover="return(F_e('Picture223', F_MV))"><img id="Picture223" height="90" width="111" src="../assets/images/BottomFeatures-thm.jpg" border="0" alt="BottomFeatures - click to download in HR" title="BottomFeatures - click to download in HR"></a>

Picture223 is the ObjectID for the thumbnail, but I have the target for the onmouseover action set to ObjectID 'Bottomdetail'

has anyone else seen this bad code generation and know a way to fix it? Preferably not reimplement

3. I have to ask, why doesnt NOF use the navigationmenu function calls for mouseover images - seems much more robust and cross-browser plus doesnt need Fixed layout to overlap images