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Thread: No Fusion 12 Trial. How can I get around?

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    Default No Fusion 12 Trial. How can I get around?

    I already own Fusion 12 and have used and owned Fusion since version 4 and there has ALWAYS been a free trial and for $200 I would think there would still be one versus that watered down essentials software. a 15 day trial would not be hard to setup in the program. Netobjects Fusion staff, step it up. I have a company that is looking to buy several copies of version 12 so that they can work on some sites I designed in it. They need FULL FUNCTIONALITY so having them try the essentials is well, kinda pointless I think. I could be wrong though. Any idea on how to get them to try version 12? Can I give them my copy and not my serial and it will install like a trial?

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    Well, its called salesmanship. Also, if theyu want to maintain Nof sites, they need to buy NoF, not much other choice, is there? But why would they need several copies when one copy maintains as many sites as you like?

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