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Thread: Online Styles & Operating manual

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    Default Online Styles & Operating manual

    Hallo to all
    i coming from Netobjects 10 , did upgrade to the new version 12. Does anyone know, where the
    operating manual, typically a PDF has been gone and where did the online styles going.

    I feel a little bit lost in this new version. There are also no more Tools like in the Version 10.

    regards Michael

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    They've gone to an online User Guide for NOF XII. You can find it here:

    There has already been some griping about not having a PDF, and I'm sure they're considering it. In the meantime, the PDF for NOF11 would cover 99.9% of what's in 12. Most changes were "under the hood", so from a functional perspective is almost identical.

    As for the online site styles, I'm not sure where those went. Personally, I don't really miss them. I thought most were quite dated and a bit tacky.

    If there's a particular style you really want, you could probably download it in v10, create a template, and import into 12.

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    Thank you
    I will load the NOF 11 Helpfile from there.

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