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I will NOT install Update 2 under these conditions. NOF needs to fix update 2 to eliminate this problem before I'll install it. Asking a user to uninstall and reinstall the base program to install a fix is unreasonable and ridiculous.
This is the reason the update has been pulled (no other reason). I see this as being very responsible on NetO's part and rather responsive to their user base once a few users pointed out the issue with the online view that they experienced.

If you have an issue with the form action after installing update #1 you now have 2 choices. #1 uninstall and reinstall the retail release. #2 uninstall, install the retail release, apply update #2. There is a link to AU2 quoted back by a user but NetO has removed the link from their response and is not providing the update to users until they resolve the issue of applying #2 over #1.

I am running 12 - 5071 (latest version with update #2) and have had no problems with the program. You can wait if you wish. No one is twisting your arm. In fact you can't even find the #2 update unless you are willing to dig deep to locate a URL and if you are not willing to install it there is little reason to spend the time to locate it in the first place