Adrian, check out the forums on the wissy site where I posted this event. On the customer service/support issue I have to say Pablo was back in very short order. It was an obscure thing that I'm sure would not repeatable 1 in 1000 times.

The only real worry I have with wissy is what if something happens to Pablo? With development and support so reliant on one person, I wouldn't want to find that he'd been hit by a bus crossing the street and application development was at an end. I went through that scenario back in '02 when Lotus dropped NO and it looked like v5 would be the last. I already had dozens of web sites build in NoF and didn't relish having to find, learn and then rebuild a whole bunch of 'em in another program. In software development, big is good IMHO. Of course, things have improved considerably since '02 and there are now a plethora of wysiwyg type web site creators out there. Not such a big issue as it was back then.