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Thread: Removing "html" word from URL

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    Hello! My first post.

    First of all, let me say, Netobjects Fusion is honestly the best program ever for designing websites. I can't believe people use junk like frontpage and dreamweaver. I have been using Netobjects Fusion from version 6! Totally amazing how easy it is to use.

    Now on to the question.....

    I want to remove the word "html" from the URL of websites I create. I do have to post the website name I am designing as an example, so I apologize.... but...

    When you click on the city of New York, the URL now becomes:


    how do I remove that middle HTML so its just:


    I would love to see other Netobject websites too, so please share some of your creations with me. I would say I built over 50 websites using this superior software.

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    You would chage the publish method from "asset type" to "flat". See this gotFusion tutorial for full details on how this is done.
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    Thank you!

    If I may ask, I would love to see some of the sites you have personally designed using Netobjects?

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