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Thread: Basic Website Host Server Requirements

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    Default Basic Website Host Server Requirements

    I am planning to activate a reserved domain by opening a basic "coming soon" sort of page with some basic information - Nothing fancy at this stage. I am using NOF12 and would like to start out with a very basic hosting package until I am ready to develop the site further.

    My provider (EasyHosting) offers a variety of packages, from $7.99 to $79.99 per month and I would like to start as cheaply as possible for now. Trouble is that the less you pay, the less support you get for bells and whistles so to speak. So which of the following "technologies" are the basic requirements for a basic page in NOF12?

    • ASP
    • ASP.NET
    • CGI-BIN
    • ColdFusion
    • ColdFusion MX
    • JSP Support
    • MS Access
    • MS SQL Support
    • MySQL
    • Perl
    • PHP

    Someone suggested that I must have ASP.NET but that pushes me straight into a higher tier package at $50 per month - Not in my budget just yet.


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    It depends what kind of scripts you plan on running. Certainly PHP and MySQL are essential. The other thing to consider is how many SQL databases you can have. ASP implies window- based hosting. Linux/Unix tends to be more commonly used.

    If you're not committed to EasyHosting, have a look at the link in my sig. I use them and suggest them for all my client sites that I develop. It has just about everything unless you're doing some serious e-commerce and need a static IP (which you can add later for a fee).
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeanK View Post
    So which of the following "technologies" are the basic requirements for a basic page in NOF12?
    None of them are required for a basic html web site.

    Start with the cheapest one and see how they work out for you as a web host. If you are satisfied with the service they provide stick with them and add what you need ONCE you find out what you want to do.
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    Thanks - Sounds like it is, more or less as I was hoping. I will take your advice and start at the bottom tier and see how it works. I have some other NOF sites at higher server levels but I also have a FrontPage site which is working OK at the lowest tier and I'm trusting it will be the same story with NOF.

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