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Thread: Using Ultimate Fade-in Slideshow v 2.4 issue

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    Default Using Ultimate Fade-in Slideshow v 2.4 issue

    Hi ya'all,
    As mentioned in my title I'm using the ultimate fade-in slideshow from DynamicDrive. It seems to run just fine in IE 8 but not Safari 5, Firefox 9 or Chrome 16.
    I'm guessing some kind of compatibility issue but just don't know enough to know where to look for an answer.
    Come-on you guys (gals) here are smart, I've been reading other posts, how about some help?
    I've put up a test at

    follow tab ->Jet Stream -> Loop

    ron aka. cloudbase

    The great people at Dynamic Drive solved the problem. This is what they said
    This is a tricky one. In most browsers Ultimate Fade cannot initialize inside an element with display: none. I think that's true in IE also, but the Tab script makes all those display block and then hides them with opacity and positioning, which Ultimate Fade could work with, but the way the code is in the head now, it happens after Ultimate Fade. I guess it's in time for IE, obviously not for those others.

    And, except for the fact that Ultimate Fade puts jQuery into noConflict mode, there's no reason to have two copies of jQuery on the page. So reorganize the head so that Ultimate Fade comes after the other scripts and have it put jQuery back into normal mode, while commenting out the second instance of jQuery

    If you want details follow
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