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Thread: What to use to display video choices and videos when selected

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    Default What to use to display video choices and videos when selected

    Hi, First - I'm somewhat of a complete newbie at websites.

    I want to: 1) list a series of video choices from Youtube and other online sources and then; 2) have them display and play in a space to the right.

    I can get the "embedd" code from youtube, but what or how do I get it to appear only once the link for that video is selected? The Youtube embedd code in a text box displays the video automatically. Is there a way to link the hyperlink to a script that tells the website to use 1 (out of 30) embedd codes? This would allow site users to stay on my sight and not have to scroll downa mamoth page to watch a video

    OR am I thinking about this all wrong? Ideas?

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    A couple of suggestions to consider:

    1. Place each video embed code on a separate page using a zero-margin MasterBorder. Make the page exactly the size of the video. Make the link a link to that page and have it open in a popup window.
    2. Use a Video Gallery type script to show thumbnails with a modal window overlay. Example: Video Lightbox.
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    Default Thanks RayC

    Thanks for your suggestions - I'm going to implement suggestions 1.

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    Another way to do it is use a javascript based program. Jquery is a prime example where you can have multiple videos on one page, but the users can click on the bar that will open up that section. They click on the next section below, the other one will slide up. You can also do the same task with Flash. I'm not sure if NOF has this type of feature. Dreamweaver does. Let me check and see of it's in NOF. If not, then just add the other.

    Edit: It looks like NOF has a feature in their program like this. But I'm not sure if it's available to the user. It's basically a hide and slide feature. If you click on the custom components menus on the left hand side, when you click on an item, one slides down. When you click on another selection within that same component menu, the new selection slides down while the other slides up, hiding the content.
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