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Thread: Backup Manager Greyed Out

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    Default Backup Manager Greyed Out

    I have 2 sites I am maintaing in Fusion 12, one of them I can not get backup manager to back up anything. I go into the area to make the settings that should default and set it like the other site that does work, but it will not stay set. It was not like this when I first started designing the site. Even when I go to Publish the site, the Backup Manager check box is greyed out also. I do save the site under another name, but it's not as handy as Backup Manager.

    Has anyone ran into this problem or have any suggestions for correcting it?
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    I have the same problem.

    After importing a template, the backup manager is greyed out. The new backup settings are not saved, this is a big problem now!

    Can this be fixed?
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    Okay, I have the solution!

    After some sweat and tears I started testing a couple of things. First I created a backup under a different name and started testing some options. The solution is to site view\tools\re-optimize..

    When you re-optimized the site reconnect you backup manager in site options.

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