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Thread: Can't create new sites, error: An error occurred while creating the site.

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    Default Can't create new sites, error: An error occurred while creating the site.


    For some reason Fusion 11 is giving me nothing but problems when I try to create a new site. It doesn't matter if it's imported site, or using the site wizard or just a blank site.

    When it's time for fusion to write out the nod file, it comes back with an error telling me "An error occurred while creating the site. Please check if you have enough disk space."

    My hard drives
    C:\ 90GB freespace
    D:\ 180GB free space (this is my usual location to save sites)
    F:\ 2GB free space (this is a thumbdrive where i save many sites)

    It doesn't matter which drive I try to save new sites to, they all come back saying the same error and that I should maybe check to see if I have enough disk space.

    Existing sites allow me to save them fine, it seems something has gone totally bofo in Fusion and it not creating the new site .nod files

    Please help, this is really getting frustrating, or if I need to actually email somebody at NetObjects to get this resolved please tell me what to do.

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    Fixed by reinstalling Fusion 11

    Makes me concerned however that this was necessary.

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    I hear you; mine seems to be in perpetual crash mode (everytime I initiate a new site and go to open the first page, stall-out 'not responding' message happens. Going to try the reinstall

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    Well, thinking back on it now, the one thing that maybe should have alerted me to something might be going south, was that I'd get a windows ding noise out of fusion when doing things like switching to page view, then back to site view, or doing anything where it's a major switch of views would cause Fusion to make a audible ding noise.

    Didn't know where it was coming from, finally realized it was Fusion, and even still just thought that maybe I was just moving to fast for it. Thinking upon it now, it makes me wonder why it kept making an audible ding type of noise and if it was a sign of something, or Fusion just wasn't "ready" to switch views, (like going from page view to another page view using the tab bar)
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