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Thread: How about you stop with the insulting advertising campaign?

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    Default How about you stop with the insulting advertising campaign?

    Telling everyone who uses your product that they are amateurs is probably not a good idea. I've been using your product since the very beginning, purchasing every new version, defending my choice to people, and I feel thoroughly insulted by NetObjects.

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    Do you read what you write? Or are you just attention seeking?

    The quote is from a review by PC Utilities, not NO itself. And I see no problem with NO using it, as am sure the PC Utilities reviewer is a journalist, not a web designer, therefore an amatuer, by definition. I alos believe that is the NO target market, amatuers and aspiring designers, some of whom later become pros, like myself, and use NoF as one of many tools.

    And why on earth do you need to defend your choice of tool? You are sounding like a religious nutjob. Will you criticise my choice of drill if I prefer a Makitia to a Bosch? And that's what NoF is, a tool. Not a lifestyle choice. Not a religion. Not something to die in a ditch over. A tool.

    But hey, feel free to be insulted all you like, the rest of us will just get on with being professional in everything we do, including forum posts.

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    Come on, Fugley Kiwi, no reason to get upset. I was also irritated by that campaign from the beginning. Obviously und undisputedly that quote is not from NETO but from a magazine, but NETO uses it as the basis of their campaign.

    Well, maybe not insulting but also not very wise and for sure no compliment for us. In other words the quote says: amateurs with professional looking results.

    Well, maybe that's what most of us are? I followed the company closely for many years (from the original NETO to By the end of that period they already saw their market at the home and small business web design. But a sober market analysis is something else than a PR campaign.

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