I am trying to put together a site that has three functional areas, and
the main "Landing" site will be informational. I am looking for
Resources, Tools, Templates, and Development Opinions for a "prayer
request" website with multiple layers of security "roles". Suggestions
for FREE template sites, FREE graphic sites, suggestions about
incorporating Open Source tools running on a PHP/MySQL webserver would
be very helpful, as well as development ideas.

POINT 1 -- WHO AM I -- I have 10 years of "light" web development. I
have worked on many PHP/MySQL websites, mostly on the "background" data
processing scripting. This is the largest project that I have ever
worked on, and I need to keep the budget as close to Zero USD (or zero
any currency) as possible. I own Fusion 11 from previous development
needs, thus the post to all newsgroups for 11-backwards versions.

POINT 2 -- ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES -- Also, I realize that I could
probably start with a Joomla or Drupal site and get the site up and
running fairly quickly, and work on the scripting in a week when
Joomla/Drupal is configured, but where's the fun in that?

The main site will contain "News", "About", "Purpose"... that kind of
stuff about the "organization" or "project".

There will be a main tab bar close to the top of the "landing" page for
the three functional areas of the site (seen this feature on most Fusion
Templates already)--
1. make public prayer request (no frills, no contact information, very
little administration),
2. make private prayer request (more intimate, receive an email with
weekly counts of how many "verified" prayer team members have read your
prayer request),
3. join prayer team, with a form to allow someone to SSL-privately register.

A non-web process is involved before one is verified-then-activated for
prayer team. Verification of the registrant will be based on the "web
of trust" model from the GPG community, ie. show national/local papers
to a regional prayer team "verifier" in your region.

The "verifier" will set the new prayer team member up with access to the
"other" sub-site. Similar to the signing of a key in the "web of trust"
The sub-site is where prayer team members can view [cannot print] the
prayer request.

The "verification" is sort of like an international "notary public" type
of process... completely non-web.

This sub-site will have some "behind the scenes" logging features, and
will backup the logs hourly, strip out the hour's log entries, zip the
individual 24 hourly logs for the day, and send them to a separate web
host (and my home email) for storage and CD backup. "background"
processes would be in server scripts written probably in PHP and cron'd.

Fairly simple design.

Thank you immensely for any help that you can give me gathering Fusion
templates, Graphics, etc.


Barry Smith
e bnsmith001 [at] gmail [dot] com