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Thread: HELP!!!!! NOF12 was too slow so reoptimized and it wiped out my 898 pages!

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    Default HELP!!!!! NOF12 was too slow so reoptimized and it wiped out my 898 pages!

    I upgraded to NOF12 and designing anything was painful it was soooooo slow. I came onto the Forum and saw that others had had the same problem and it said to clean up your Assets and reoptimize the database. I tried that and at first I had a window that showed the % of the optimization and after 24 hours that went away and all I had was a window that says Reoptimatization and a circle going round and round. I left it alone for another day but when nothing changed I closed it down. Now my website of 898 pages has just the home page left!

    I use Carbonite so it is backed up and I also have a backup file from September 11, 2011. How do I recoup from this loss?

    Any suggestions would be welcome. But even if get the nod file back, I still have the slowness problem and am afraid to try reoptimizing again. I am not happy with the support that Net Objects gives you and if anyone has any suggestions on that I would love to hear them. Also is there any program out there that would take what I have already created and would be a better solution for me? Is there anyway to talk to a live person at Net Objects?

    Thanks so much.

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    Carbonite just resorted my backup copy before the Reoptimatization began dated 3/2./2011. Now I need advice on how to address the NOF12 slowiness issue and if any of you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. I am afraid to reoptimize again and lose this current copy that is now the full .nod file. I won't try it again until I hear from someone on the forum on how to do it properly. Also how long should it take and advice on should I have continued to let let it reoptimize when it wasn't showing the status bar in the window.

    thanks so much.

    If you don't use Carbonite you should consider it because it just saved me for the second time! It's a great program!



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    I'd rely on the process of elimination. The problem might be a single page with some pasted text, a corrupt NOF file, a corrupt masterborder or other things. If you follow a path that attempts to isolate all those things, one by one, sooner or later you should be able to track down the culprit. For example, start with a blank site. All good? Then add some pages. Still good? Then start a new site and import a template of the offending site. Bad? Maybe create a new masterboarder and apply to all pages. Good? Then you had a bad masterborder... maybe activate them one by one to find the offender and then rebuild that one from scratch. Or try making several templates that contain just portions of the offending site, and then import one at a time into the newly created blank site as a way to identify a single page that might have been mucking things up. Etc. etc.... you just want to break it down in an attempt to isolate the offending element.

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    Or try making several templates that contain just portions of the offending site,
    Very good idea.
    Not only to find a problem page in your project, but to split your website into smaller seperate sites.
    898 pages for a single website are far too many.
    No wonder the whole project is so slow.
    If you split your site into seperate sections and join them by using external links you'll find out that working becomes a lot faster.
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    Hi Chris,

    Might I also add that you should use the 'Save as Template' option for backing up your sites.
    Relying on backed up nods is not sufficient to protect you from disaster.

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    Thanks so much LBA for your thoughts on my problem. I am not sure how to create a template but guess I better find out. Any instructions on how to do that? mia says to split my website into smaller separate sites but I am not sure how to do that. I will ask mia what he or she suggests. Thanks LBA for your input.

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    Thanks for your ideas. Where can I get information on splitting my website into smaller separate sites? Since I publish a page at a time or a section at a time, then that might work. I would think that if I split it up, then I could reoptimize each section and maybe that might also help me solve my problem. Any ideas on the best way to split it up?

    Thanks again.

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    Thanks Ritch. I think that is a great idea. I will play around with that idea. I liked what mia suggested which was breaking it up into smaller parts. Any idea on how I would do that?


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    Here is my "how to export a template" tutorial:

    And the equaly important "how to import":

    When you find you have lost your project follow this tutorial:

    More info can be found here:
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    Have you simply copied the folder your site resides in? This is a very acceptable backup solution, as it backs up the .nod file and all the assets, etc.

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