I'm the "happy" owner of an SSD now.
Moved all my Windows 7 and program files to that SSD (which is now my C-drive) and my data and documents to my former RAID-drive (which is now my D-drive).
Machine is flying now... but...
the shared files that NOF12 uses are now also in the documents library (D:\Users\Public\Documents\NetObjects Fusion 12.0). And my sites have moved to my personal folder on the same drive.

NOF does not start any more.
I've moved the NetObjects Fusion 12.0 folder back to C:\Users\Public\Documents (although in a Dutch Windows 7 installation it is shown as C:\Gebruikers\Openbaar\Openbare Documenten).
In vain.
Is there any way to tell NOF12 that it's shared path has moved? Or do I have to re-install?