Hi Folks,

We are updating our old website (should have finished months ago ).

I was looking for some advice or suggestions regarding photo galleries.

Our old version is at http://www.arrowrockhostel.com/html/gallery.html

This was originally done with NOF 9, and modified over the last 2 years with both Dreamweaver and Kompozer (long story - don't ask).

All new pages are with NOF12

As you see the old page just uses embedded Flickr Slide Shows and YouTube Video's.

I would like to "modernise" the look but I've never really been happy with the NOF in built slideshow. I have had a quick look at Lytebox and Coffeecup but there seems to be so many alternatives out there I could just spend days checking them all out.

Does anyone have any suggestions on cheap or free Photo Gallery add-ons?

My second question is I am I fussing over nothing, given the growing use of iPads and mobiles am I better to stick with what I have?

And whilst on this subject we have a flash banner on the header of all our new pages - how do I get this to display as a static image for iPads etc?