Hi All,

I've just started creating my first ever shop on our Club website http://www.southwaleskitcarclub.co.u...club_shop.html

When an Item is added to basket it opens a Paypal window and you should be able to return back to the club site to contine shopping ....
The process is sort of working as I have two issues ....

1) When the paypal window opens its SMALL so you have to use the scroll bars to see all the info - Is there a way of setting the window size ?
2) When in the paypal window you select the CONTINUE SHOPPING but instead of returning you to the Club site window you started from it opens yet another window which is a duplicate of the Club site window.

The result is if you add to basket say three times you end up with 4 windows running of your website

Any ideas ... I'm not 100% sure if its a Paypal or Netobjects Fusion 12 Basket issue