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Thread: forms submitting only half the information

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    Default forms submitting only half the information

    i am using netobjects 11. i have been using netobjects for many years and never ran into this issue. i built a form using a table. i want the form emailed to me. (no saving into data bases)

    i seem to have done everything correctly since i am getting the emails but some of the fields remain empty even though i had input information on the site. i have looked and looked and can't seem to find the answers.

    i have tried this with a forms handler and without a forms handler and i am still getting the same results. the missing info is a mix of radio buttons and single line text inputs.

    any suggestions as to what i should be looking for?

    the site is there are tow forms... one is appointments... the other is rate us. thank you in advance for any help.

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    I've had a look at the source code and can't see anything obviously remiss. All fields are 'required' and should therefore be included. However - I've come across this before with both v11 and v12 whereby the form can be submitted without the 'required' fields being filled in. IMHO it's a good reason to use a 3rd party form program and not rely on NoF's form handling component.

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    i think you are correct. it's just too bad. it's a simple form and it worked well back in v10. i hate to pay for a 3rd party form and the free ones i have found are pretty limited.

    @1FugleyKiwi the forms are and

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    shame faced --- i carefully went over every aspect of my form. seems the missing info was my fault. i had not typed in the values.
    thank you for your help anyway. i have tested the forms and they are now working.

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