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Thread: fix text box height

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    Default fix text box height

    Is it possible to fix the height of a text box so that if there's excess text it makes a scroll bar?


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    Why don't you learn the basics, and once mastered, come back and ask questions?

    A text box is a text box is a text box. If you want an iframe, use an iframe. But most users will hate you for doing that.

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    I have the same issue, mainly because I like the following layout:

    better than this layout:

    So, I want to say that the answer of using an iframe is not really what I'm looking for, only because I have found that using iframes screws up the banner texts (yes, I've tested it and without iframes, all of my banner text shows up properly, inserting iframes, the banner text gets mixed up!)

    So, is there a way to have a scrolling text option for a text box OR table in NOF, specifically for visual editing?

    Regardless of whether it's better or worse (I actually AM interested in why scrolling text within a region is "bad" or why users will not like it. I'm a user and I actually wanted to create our website based on sites that I liked that DID have that kind of text), I'm just curious how to do it WITHOUT using iframes.

    So, my answer to you you QuisQuis, is that you could insert an iframe into a table, and that iframe will look at the text you want to display in the scrolling frame.
    So first, you would have to have the text somewhere on a webpage for the iframe to look at. I made non-navigatable webpages in my netobjects project, with just textbox, no borders or anything. Then, in my webpage where I wanted the scrolling text box, I would insert an iframe and point it to the page with just the plain text.

    HOWEVER, from my experience, this completely screws up the banner text for all of your pages. It did mine anyway, using NOF12.

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    Answered your question in your original thread.
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