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Thread: Multiple core CPU enhance NOF operation?

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    Default Multiple core CPU enhance NOF operation?

    I'm in the process of determining what type of a new computer to buy. Will a multiple core CPU enhance NOF's operation? In other words, is NOF programmed for parallel computing? FYI, I'm using Essentials for my biggest site, but using NOF 11 for my smaller sites. Also, any comments or warnings regarding whether NOF is happier running under a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system; i.e., Windows 7 Pro? Thanks in advance for any info.

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    IMHO there is not much you can do directly to speed up NOF 12 -- but -- it runs under Windows and, if a new computer, probably Windows 7. A two core processor will certainly improve NOF's performance due to the decreased reaction time of the many Windows' routines called into play by NOF. Processor speed is also very important (just because you are running on two cores doesn't necessarily mean you are executing more quickly). Also, total RAM is very important because Windows is famous for shuttling things on and off the disk to create the required virtual RAM space required when running a program like NOF. I suggest avoiding the updates to the virgin NOF 12 unles you require any of the functions they 'fixed' with the updates. (The fixes are listed.)

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