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Thread: Loss of continuity between wysiwyg and local site publishing

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    Default Loss of continuity between wysiwyg and local site publishing

    HELP! I have been working for days on my new biz site. When I am actually in the WYSIWYG layout screens everything looks great; photos below text, "cart" buttons where I want them, etc.... BUT, when I go to "preview" the page OR when I think I have it all right and ready to go and I "publish" it to my Local drive site, everything gets BLOWN UP... pictures have moved 6" to the right, text boxes have shifted, "cart" buttons have migrated to foreign destinations... what am I missing - where do I find help in the HELP section for this loss of continuity between the layout screens and the final publishing to my local site??

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    It's pretty hard to say without looking at a snapshot of your Page View and a link to the published page but first-time users are sometimes surprised to learn that your page elements such as images and text boxes cannot be allowed to overlap each other.. and if they do, the whole page gets blown out. Do you see little red exclamation marks in the upper left corner or some of your elements, warning you of the overlaps?

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