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Thread: Changing default directories and profile names

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    Smile Changing default directories and profile names (SOLVED)

    I am using Netobjects 12.3 on Windows 7. The current situation is that the default directory for "users sites" and "Netobejects system" is: ... /"user name"/My Documents/Netobjects Fusion 12.0/

    Since I am backing up all my sites on another identical machine with a different user name (which is the default for the other machine), I have to go and change every important location for every site and replace the user name after a backup. This is a crazy situation.

    How can I move everything to the Windows 7 "Public" user name which is common to both machines? This would allow a simple operation.

    Is the default location hard coded somewhere?

    Thanks for any suggestion.
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    Select File > Change User Site Location .... That's all there is to it

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    Thanks very much; I did not see the option just before the "exit". My glasses need adjustment.

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    Hi again,
    Apparently, it does not look that simple. As you suggested, changing the user directory caused the application to now create new sites in the new user directory, which is good, but the preferences remained in the original "Netobjects System" directory.
    In this directory, the only name which is hard coded seems to be the name of the profile (named after the user name). If that is the case, it will be sufficient to move it to the other machine and change the name. Am I correct?

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    I think that I solved my problem, namely backing up all my Netobjects sites from one Windows 7 machine to another one. The changes below were made to make the bulk of the site information independent of the user name. Here is my process:
    1- Using the command under the file menu, change the "Users Sites" directory from the directory ... \users\"user name 1"\My Documents\Netobjects Fusion 12.0\User Sites to ...\users\default\documents\Netobjects Fusion 12.0\User Sites and move all the sites into the new folder. This makes the sites independent of the user name
    2- Create the directory ...\users\default\documents\Netobjects Fusion 12.0\User Sites on the second machine. That also makes the sites user name independent on the second machine
    3- Backup the "User Sites" from the first machine to the second one (now same path on both machines)
    4- Backup the contents of ...\users\"user name 1"\My documents\Netobjects Fusion 12.0\Netobjects System on the first machine to \users\"user name 2"\My documents\Netobjects Fusion 12.0\Netobjects System on the second machine. The location is user name dependent but I think that the content is not
    5- Backup the contents of ...\users\public\Public Documents\Netobjects Fusion 12.0 on the first machine to ...\users\public\Public Documents\Netobjects Fusion 12.0 on the second machine (same path again on both machines). This folder is user name independent and contains various sites templates, etc.
    6- Open Netobjects Fusion 12.0 on both machines; you should see exactly the same thing on both machines.

    There may still be a need for minor adjustments; for instance, on the second machine I still had to link to some additional templates (see step 5 above). If I forgot something or made a mistake, I would appreciate a correction
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