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Thread: Local publish of entire site leaves items from previous publish

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    Do you know how to talk civilized or insult is the only way you were taught in early childhood?
    You must be a republican!

    I have worked ad infinitum with code generators and I programmed one; the good ones do not leave old stuff hanging around; cite me one that does (except of course NOF). If you don't remember and since we are in the "I'll teach you!" mode, why don't you take (again?) Code Generation 101 at the junior college near you?

    In addition, the one and only NOF code generator produces at times code that is unreliable because of "occasional" corruptions (read all the posts); anyone with an IQ above 100 will tell you that this will compound the problem; but if the "aces" do not acknowledge problems, WHO IS GOING TO FIX THEM?

    By the way, if my viewpoint irritates you, there is a proven way to react: just ignore it and spare me the window into your soul!
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    Default Precisions

    Quote Originally Posted by 1FugleyKiwi View Post
    Some people just don't get it, do you, levendel?
    I goofed up; there is no republican party in NZ; is there one? But, given your style, there must be something equivalent. Just joking!

    Quote Originally Posted by 1FugleyKiwi View Post
    NoF is NOT a compiler. It is a code Generator.
    So what? The problem is the same

    Quote Originally Posted by 1FugleyKiwi View Post
    Then you complain when it does exactly what it has been designed to do
    Questionable design. The incremental capability (only changed pages) works well only if the change is contained to a current page. I avoid using it. I cited the incremental backup tool that I use in the mirroring mode to stress that a good professional tool promises incremental capabilities and delivers them. That's why I say: If you can't deliver, don't promise. If I delete a page in NOF (which is a "change"), I do not want it to remain in the code generated.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1FugleyKiwi View Post
    How about you explain for us exactly how you think NoF could be tuned to know which files to delete, which to keep and which to over write.
    I never said it could be turned to know which file to delete. In fact, it would require a complex administrative tool that is impractical. This is why I explained that I do not use the incremental capability. Coupled with the fact that NOF generates a significant number of corruptions, the site generation would be very fast corrupted itself. I find it more prudent to wait a few seconds more and do a full site generation.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1FugleyKiwi View Post
    Bottom line, that is what NoF's local publish does. Publishes locally.
    Whether the publishing is done locally or on line, the problem remains the same: I use only the local publish because, if there is any corruption, I want to catch it before I upload.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1FugleyKiwi View Post
    It doesn't delete anything.
    I would not want NOF to delete anything on line. However, in a full local publish, this is what I would expect. Like any good tool: do what you say, namely a full site publish, no less, no more.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1FugleyKiwi View Post
    It simply publishes the generated HTML for your pages and neatly packages all the required assets.
    You are right in many cases, but "neatly" only if there are no corruptions

    Quote Originally Posted by 1FugleyKiwi View Post
    You say you use "good FTP software. So do I. Does yours automatically delete everything on the server before uploading the new files? No, I didn't think so.
    I keep repeating "I do not want NOF or any third party tool to delete files on line". Why should I expect it from FTP? The only risk I am ready to take with an FTP tool is to have potential corruptions while uploading (which happens). So I maximize my chances by using a proven FTP tool

    Quote Originally Posted by 1FugleyKiwi View Post
    A suggestion for you - email NO, ask for a refund, you're just far too smart for this software.
    I do not suggest to others what to do, except when asked

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    You must be a republican!
    No, I'm not.

    But I can see your stupidity from Sarah Palin's house!

    How about using your undoubted genius to build a better NoF?

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    Enough is enough

    This topic is now closed
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