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Thread: Captcha only after Reset or refreh

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    Default Captcha only after Reset or refreh

    dear all,

    i do have the following problem. I use from within Net objekt XII the formular handler. After placing this tool into the page,
    i programm all the parameter and publish the page. Now, and this gives me the aktual problem. you see the page with all
    sections to fill in, but the captcha Letters are not there. You must reset the page, better explained as a refresh.
    after the refresh, everything works fine. Sendig the mail, getting the database full ( *.csv) and so on.
    I've tried also to increase the amount of letters, decreace the amount of letters, look's allways the same.
    Pls. if someone has any idea ???

    P.S. i forget one important thing. During the first visiting of the page, you see the captcha only as a very small red X into a little square
    After the refreh it looks like it has to look like.

    kind regards Michael

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    Do you have a URL?
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