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Thread: Secure FTP SFTP in fusion 11 incompatable with Yahoo Website building Help!

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    Default Secure FTP SFTP in fusion 11 incompatable with Yahoo Website building Help!

    A new problem with fusion (as if I needed it). Yahoo is moving publishing facilities to Secure FTP ---> they specifiy that I need to "1.Enable Explicit FTP over TLS/SSL (FTP)".

    The publish option in fusion 11 has a secure ftp selection however every attemp to test the connection fails and I have no obvious means to to set explicit ftp over tls/ssl, how do I proceed, Fusion support already gave me the runaround one time and I NEED to fix this issue asap.

    I am assuming fusion has close ties to the registry file and that a security key change may have to take place someone in the registry, or is the problem simpler and sweeter.

    Started up 4 more clients on Fusion and now I have to decide to lose them again to dreamweaver cause fusion CAN'T or WON'T help or to lose my yahoo isp to find an UNsecure FTP domain on in order to keep them on fusion?

    I have already contacted Yahoo about the issue. I will not write up instructions on how to upload to local and use filezilla to get the files to yahoo - I am getting old and tired and can no longer tolerate such abuse... so anybody have a quick fix to fusion to make it back into a 1..2..3.. operation?

    Michael N.
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