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    It's not clear to me what rights you retain/assign with respect to your OWN work when you publish under the Community Content Program. It says you retain copyright but then it says you've published under the Creative Content Program. Elsewhere, it says you may not publish certain things like fiction, sold separately. Supposing I create a setting, with its own characters/monsters: can I retain ownership of those creations or are others allowed to use them in their creative content program material? Can I use those characters/monsters elsewhere without restriction, assuming I do not reference Free League or its games? For example, publishing the same scenario but under the 5e OGL for 5e? Or writing a short story using those characters and self-publishing or publishing in a magazine?


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    Why is everything so confusing in the UK, just getting an EICR certificate.

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    I totally agree that getting a good assessment of your home is a huge effort. I got it through a private company this, I don’t know what I would do without them. They gave me advice on how to improve my grades, but I can't even imagine how a person without experience can figure it out. And most importantly, this certificate is extremely important, not only for the sale but also for the maintenance of the real estate.

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