Hi all. I saw a couple of people report this problem, but I have not seen a solution for it, was hoping someone could help. I have three sites with Captcha problems that it only shows a red "x" and not the Captcha code. On the fist two sites, I am consolidating my hosting accounts at godaddy. These sites work great (with Captcha) on their current hosting using PHP 4.0. I am upgrading them to a new hosting account running PHP 5.3. I did a full FTP download of the two sites and copied them to the new folder structure on the new host and they are not working. I also created a new contact page using NOF captcha on another domain on the site and it too does not work.

I contacted Godaddy and they said that captcha is fully supported, but not sure if NOF Captcha supports PHP 5.3 (odd it did work on PHP 4.0)

Here are the old sites that work:



Here are the new ones (I did a full FTP download and upload) that do not work:



When I reported it to GoDaddy they did look at the source for both and noted that the source code for the original site reported:

../scripts/NOF_CaptchaBMP.class.php?cid=1204322624015&ft= 1344631825'

and the new one reports the same thing as:

../scripts/NOF_CaptchaBMP.class.php?cid=1204322624015&ft= 1344631903'

They felt the changes after the 1344631 (either 825 or 903) are the problem. I don't know if this is a PHP 4.0 vs. 5.3 issue, or what? The code for both sites is identical.

I also created a brand new contact page for another site with the same problem:


Does anyone have any experience with this or any suggestions? I have about 7-8 more accounts to move over and I can not have Captcha working on some and not others.

Thanks in advance,