Hi all,
'Good old Video Lightbox' - probably not that good. I've purchased the real edition of this software, and it has worked correctly twice.
My latest attempt to use it about an hour ago. I've got several video files in mp4 format to load onto a website for one of my clients.
I drag and drop the file into the interface - it appears. I then go through the steps to customise the video to my requirements, so far so good.
I go to publish the mp4 using the software - error message - the file is not found.
I enter the direct path to the file - not drag and drop - and it appears again. But, then tells me the same thing.
Sooo angry with this software !
And the other projects that actually converted have been uploaded in the correct format, I've checked 'quick start mp4' in the interface, and the videos take between 7 and 10 minutes to begin playing.
I'm tipping that my client will not be happy with that !
Email support is minimal to say the least, takes 14 days to get a reply to numerous emails to them.
Anyone had this sort of experience with this ?