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Thread: Anyone got a tutorial on using native PHP for database access

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    Default Anyone got a tutorial on using native PHP for database access

    Hi - I seem to have spent forever trying to get the database tools to work. I have managed to display the database but I now cannot get update to work. Has anyone got a tutorial on writing your own PHP - just how to access form data, how you prevent overwriting of your own code and stuff like that.

    I am so tired of trying to debug the DB tools, but I have never tried branching out on my own. I am comfortable with SQL and PHP.

    Oh and one other thing. I would really like to read my database and create a form but have the data from the database inform the selected item from a drop down list - I know this is asking a lot but it would be great.
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    All you want to do is rather simple and covered in detail online in thousands of places.

    I would suggest that you write you code blocks with an editor (notepad or something similar). Save them as separate files and call them in with include statements. that way you can work on your PHP code EXTERNAL to Fusion which is a lot simpler.
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    PHP and MySQL Web Development by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson, published by Sams Publishing. Brilliant!

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