Hi All,

We have a website with a rotating Flash Banner at www.arrowrocklodge.com

What we are trying to do with this is give site visitors an overview of our establishment, some actual guests (we're told people are more likely to book a place if they see pictures of past guests) and an idea of the rural, scenic and historical nature of the area.

My issue is that I notice through Google Analytics that a significant and growing portion of visitors are using iPads & similar.

I understand that flash does not display on Apple devices and I was recently told it was no-longer being supported on newer Android phones. I also heard it would not be available on the latest Windows based phones.

No doubt we'll have to consider a mobile version of the website soon but in the meantime is there a way to replace our flash banner with a non flash item giving the same effect?

Would an animated gif work across platforms?

What is best practice?

Any ideas and suggestions appreciated.