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Well, Anton,it´s not meant to be that you get 2 DocTypes in your page if you are using the Component.
I double checked it now, asked the creator of the SwissKnife Components and the result is as follows:

If you have NOF12 you can publish in DocType Loose mode if you go to Tools>Options>Actual Site-Options>HTML Options and remove the hook before Quirks Mode.
If you have an older version of NOF you can use the SwissKnife Components to pick the DocType for your page or the complete website.
In this case (Wow Slider) it should be Loose.
Stefan (the creator of these components) said that you should remove any DocType you inserted by hand. And it would just replace the original one from NOF.
I tested it again now and it works perfectly.

Anton, I don´t know why you got 2 DocTypes..??

Here, and for anybody who might be interested, two links for installation and use of this component.


and the download page where you can find the DocType Component as well:
It works now, thanks

there was a slight hiccup in my installation, I copied and pasted the 3 folders after extraction to the root of Components

I should have left them alone in the extracted folder

thanks again