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Thread: This file is already open (not)

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    Default This file is already open (not)

    Just bought NOF12, opened an existing site, and was delighted that a suitable mesage saying 'do you want to copy this site becasue changes are not backward compatible' appeared.

    Great- finally some intelligent design.

    But when I come back to it to do some work, I can neither open the original site nor the NOF 12 version, as they say the file is already open.

    The original site opens and closes in NOF 10, its parent, OK.
    So what's going on?

    Some combination of a flaky OS - win7 plus a flaky product if the forum postings are to be believed?

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    Try "migrating" the site instead of opening it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gotFusion View Post
    Try "migrating" the site instead of opening it.

    Well, OK, the Russion advance approach to software failures.

    Somewhere between the flaky MS Win 7 and Fusion there is a fault, and seemingly no access to the flag or setting to manually unlock the object.
    I realise that the product support has a poor reputation on these forums though, so if I have to go the route of exporting and importing, then so be it.

    I'll go and see what happens.


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    One thing that you might want to check is that there are no instances of the Fusion 12 application running.

    First, exit out of any versions of Fusion that you are currently running.

    After a couple minutes, start the Windows Task Manager and look for a process named Fusion.exe. There should be none since you exited them already.

    If there is a process still there called Fusion.exe, kill it through Task Manager. Then restart Fusion 12 and attempt to open the site that you tried earlier (which said it was still open).

    If you are still having issues, please submit a ticket to technical support.

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    if I have to go the route of exporting and importing, then so be it.
    Exporting a site has been the standard, correct way of migrating a site (or sharing it) since version 2 replaced version 1 way back in '97 or so.

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