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Thread: How do we make "index.html" the default name for every page?

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    Default How do we make "index.html" the default name for every page?

    I would like viewers to be able to link to specific pages on my site with the instead of having to use In other words, each html page needs to be named "index.html" and be in its own folder. Which seems a pretty simple requirement.

    Is this possible? Or is it a Bad Idea? or...?

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    Yes, it sounds quite simple, but think it through.

    Its a bit like the woman I once met who had 8 boys, all called George. Asked her what she did when she wanted just one of them and she answered "Then I call him by his father's name."

    Apart from the fact that its a dumb idea, why would you even contemplate this? What do you hope to achieve?

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