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Thread: download 8 & 12

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    Default download 8 & 12

    I have both versions 8 and 12 on my main computer. How do I download rhe programs to my new laptop that has windows 7. Even though I have 12 I still use 8 because I hate to change anything
    At 70 it is a miricle I know how to do any of this stuff at all.

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    Go to your old computer, open windows explorer and do a global search for fusion.exe (which is the name of the download file)... It's also the name of the installed program so you will need to figure out which one is the downloaded installer

    Fusion 8 is going to be around 106 meg

    Fusion 12 is going to be around 111 meg

    The installed programs are going to be a lot smaller at around 10 meg +/- (but will have the same name)
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