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Thread: Problem with Flash and IE9/Opera

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    Default Problem with Flash and IE9/Opera

    As only a casual user of NOF12, I have recently created a Flash Photo Gallery but, although it works properly in Firefox, in IE9 and Opera the Gallery terminates at photo number 4 and then repeats. This problem also occurs on any subsequent pages in the Gallery. I have checked and am using the latest versions of Flash/Firefox/IE9/Opera. Oddly, similar Flash Photo Galleries produced about six months ago operate properly. I am using Windows 7 professional.

    Is anyone having a similar problem or suggest a solution please?

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    You really need to forget flash and find alternates. Flash is useless for anyone using an Apple product, no fun on Android and will see you lose a huge chunk of potential eyeballs.

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    Default Re: Problem with Flash and IE9/Opera

    > You really need to forget flash and find alternates.

    Ditto. Hopefully NOF14 will have html5 widgets...
    I say 14 since I assume they'll skip the 13 version number,
    most companies do....bad luck you know. : )

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