Hello all, I think I have a fairly easy to solve problem.

I want to embed my "Secure Seller" seal on the "order" page of my web site.

The credit agency that has verified me supplies me with HTML code I can cut and past into my page.

How to I specify where on the page the credit agencies seal (vis a vis the HTML code) will appear?

For example, I created a quick test site, opened the HTML view and just inserted the few lines of code. The seal appeared in the upper left hand corner of the screen; this is not where I want it. (Probably bottom middle or right side)

It seems to me I should be able to create a picture or text box anywhere I want on the page and insert the code such that the seal will appear in the box. That's just a thought, but I can't seem to get that to work. Can anybody help me with this?

- Bill