I've built several sites with various versions of NOF and I've always had an issue with the menu buttons, regardless of the template I use.

When previewing locally and on a live site, I get a pop-up name label of every button whenever the mouse hovers over the button. I'll call this a "pop-up label" for lack of a better term. The pop-up label is in a light yellow box with black text. The location appears to "float" depending on where the mouse is positioned over the button, and the text appears to be related to the folder (page) name in the Site View. Changing the button properties in Site View does not seem to affect the pop-up label as the label appears to follow the button name. I've also looked at changing the button navigation properties in Manage Styles, also to no avail.

I've been unable to locate this function in NOF documentation or in this forum - and I'm not even sure what to call it. Bottom line is that this rollover pop-up label can obscure either the button name or other buttons in a fly-out. It seems unnecessary to have this pop-up label with a name that duplicates the name on the button.

Is there a way to turn off or clear this function to arrive at a clean rollover without the pop-up label?

Any help is appreciated.

James Alburger