In the following when I use the word styles I am referring to the NetObjects Fusion definition of styles although they are called themes in the rest of the computer industry, but themes imply something different in Fusion. But when I use the word theme, I am referring to the wider computing industry usage, not the NetObjects Fusion definition.

Since there are so many people in this forum asking about how to incorporate phpBB into Fusion websites. I am wondering if it would it be possible to make themes for phpBB using NetObjects styles so someone can just upload the data NetObjects makes to the correct phpBB directory overwriting what is currently there so that the phpBB interface will look exactly like the NetObjects Fusion website does, well as far as consistent buttons, colors and looks but no navigation buttons on the side.

As a side note, since there are a huge number of themes out there which are based on a standard, I think it is Photoshop PSD files. If there is a standard, could Fusion take those and convert them into Fusion compatible styles. I ask because there are a huge number of them out there. Would there be any copyright violations on any that were listed for public use or under GNU? Of course any others would be copyright violations.

Thank you for your time, thanks in advance for any help