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Thread: An Error Occurred

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    Unhappy An Error Occurred

    I've tried to install my copy of NetObjects 10, I've not had any luck even with installing it because I keep getting the following messages.

    An Error Occurred During the Move Data Process: - 214703779

    Component: Program Files
    File Group: NFX Component
    File: C:\Program Files\(x86)\NetObjects\NetObjects Fusion 10.0\Components\NetObjects\Flash Arrows\ChevronSm\UI\

    Then I get another Error Message

    Unable to create shell object

    Can anyone please help me with this so I can install NetObjects.

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    What OS are you on? If Vista or later, make sure you Run As Administrator when installing, and don't run the application when the installer has finished installing and asks if you want to run NoF. Select No. Then when you start NoF run it as administrator each time. NoF 10 predates Vista/7/8 so running as administrator is essential.

    If that doesn't help, come back to the forum.

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