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Thread: English site please

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    Default English site please

    I am currently located in Spain. When I try to load it always redirects to which is in Spanish!
    It initially displays in english for about a second before redirecting.

    Why is this a problem ? Well, apart from me not understanding spanish, there is a more important issue. The cost to purchase NOF 12 (spanish edition) on the spanish site is significantly cheaper than an 'offer' I received by email (english version).

    How can I access the NetOb english website when in Spain?

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    Clear your cookies or use another browser you haven't visited NoF with before. I'm thinking that whichever browser you're using has your location stored and therefore diverts to that site. Do you have your location stored in Google, for example? If so, many applications will default to this location.

    If you really get stuck download and install a copy of Lynx. It's a text-only browser that's been around for about 20 years and will probably not be so sophisticated as to try and read your location (ie do your thinking for you) which is the norm these days for 'modern' browsers. I have used Lynx for about 17 years and still use it for fast text-based browsing when I'm looking for specific information.

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    You can also use Browser translation option to translate the whole website in English when i am in spain I also had similar issue while visiting this I also do the same...

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