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Thread: NOF stops working in Windows 8

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    Default Re: NOF stops working in Windows 8

    Nephew geek.... say's don't do the dual boot.. I may reload windows 7 on my
    old pc and figure a way to have both computers in my office and use the old
    one just for NOF.. I still wonder if spending the money for NOF 12 would
    help.. I'm not in a position to just throw money away right now

    "dwolf" wrote in message
    news:ke9bab$67d$ ..

    Any feedback on setting up a dual boot... My Windows 7 pc died. so I bought
    a new one with 8.. Outside of NOF it's great. Everything else works great
    and fast.. I'm using NOF 11 at the moment. I have found if I stay away from
    moving the palates I can do work, but I am afraid to upload a change and
    find my site gets messed up and I cannot fix it.. I could do the upgrade to
    12, but would I be wasting money ?

    "Kenfriedman" wrote in message

    franko wrote:
    > With Windows things never get easier. It's the reason I never upgrade
    > until I have absolutely no choice.

    Ditto. That is my policy as well. Windows 7 seems to function
    satisfactorily for my needs.

    Ken Friedman
    Author of books about WW-II.

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    Default Re: NOF stops working in Windows 8

    Thanks... I decided to bite the bullet and get NOF 12.. let's see how it
    works for me..

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    Some sites with dual boot "how to"

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    Using W8.1 - my NOF 13 works when I reinstall it, but when I reload NOF after running different other programs (Word, Skype, Outlook) NOF wont load "NOF Stopped working - looking for a solution etc" it says. It does not matter if I run as anministrator. ANY suggestions for solution!
    It is strange, because it works on my laptop without problems (so far!!!!!)

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