I'm updating one of my webpages and something went wrong with tables.

Pls look http://www.specialday-ireland.com/uk.html and you should see that all the dealer names and phone numbers are black = not visible. You can see that texts are there if you paint it with your cursor.

Text shouldn't be black but white just like http://www.specialday-ireland.com/ireland.html and on NOF table looks ok but when I publish it (local or web) it's like that. What am I missing here?

Also, when you look at that UK page navigation buttons, they are from different set than the other pages has, even they should be exactly the same.

Could anyone see from source code what am I doing wrong here?

Lots of thanks beforehand!

EDIT: On UK page you can also see that left hand nagition bar is totally out of it's place and I have no idea why...