Couple of issues to describe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

First, we publish a lot of mp3 sports broadcasts to our archive page's( Every once in awhile when publishing NetObjects will start to publish all of the mp3's on the archive pages we are working on(even with the publish changed assets only box checked). This of course can take hours to publish a page. I was told that to cure this from happening I should do a clean website publish. It worked for us until recently. I can't even add a new Feb 2013 archive page.

Second, some of the gifs for our archive pages are not displaying(

I'm also getting this error sign after publishing(Can't copy file: C:\Program Files\NetObjects\NetObjects Fusion 10.02\Components\NetObjects\Component Tools\GoMenu\goIcon.gif The system cannot find the path specified.)

We recently got NetObjects 12 and I wanted to fix these issues before starting to use it. Thank you for the assistance.