Hello all, could sure use your help. I am using Windows 7, NOF 12, last week I was notified by Java, and subsequently upgraded to Java 7, then today was notified by them that I needed to update to build 12 (last update that came out to fix 50+ security issues). I did so.

I needed to make changes to my website, opened NOF 12 and got the message "JDK not installed". I closed the error box and the website opened. I made some very small changes, local published and uploaded to my website. I now have a couple of problems.

1. No graphics or pictures show on the website (www.omla.net). Where they should be, I just get a box with an "X" in it.

2. When I click on a hypertext link to go to another page on my website, it tries to load that page, then I get the message "This page cannot be displayed".

I did go to "Tools, Options, Applications, and changed Java Runtime Environment to "use version bundled with Net Objects Fusion". I no longer get the "JDK not installed" error, but still no graphics or photos. Please go to OMLA.net to see what's happening.

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.