Hi Guys. OK, the problem is fixed, but I had to use a service called sitecheck from Securi. They basically took every file at the server level and fixed it. I had 5 websites which were affected. I then deleted the "preview" and "Local Publish" folders on each website and then republished the website and Ftp'd it to my server. Everything works well including the photos showing up, and if you click on a link, it actually takes you to the page.

I also changed every password to a way stronger password. Hopefully this will solve the problem. Securi is now monitoring all the websites and if there's any intrusion, they will stop or fix any problems. Securi was recommended by EarthLink. Not sure if they get a kickback, but Securi seemed to know what they were doing, and they did fix the problems.

Thank you all for your feedback. It's nice to be able to receive ideas and if I have any words of wisdom, will share with the group when presented.